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75% of Job Applicants are Getting Ghosted


Have you ever applied for a job and then never heard back? It isn't unusual, but it can be frustrating. Maybe your resume was too sparse, or the company didn't have the right software for selecting candidates. The good news is that a few tactics help prevent getting ghosted by prospective employers.

Find Out Why You're Getting Ghosted

If you don't understand why your resume or cover letter isn't selected, you'll never be able to fix the problem. And if you can't fix the problem, it might be time to change your career path.

Carefully Craft Your Skills for Your Resume

A complete and accurate resume will get you rolling. List all your skills and not just the basics—this will help show that you're an expert in what you're selling. It's essential to include your job history, relevant experience, and qualifications. Besides, you also must ensure that your cover letter is complete and up to date.

In addition, you must be specific about what you can do for the company. Include examples of work you've done and send out samples. Doing so will show that you can produce high-quality work and that you're a professional with experience completing the materials you're requesting to do for them.

Tailor Your Resume to the Company

When applying for a new job, ensure you're clear about which position is best suited for you rather than just a spot at the company. Your resume must be clear and tailored to the company you're interested in working for. If it isn't straightforward, chances are you'll be ghosted often.

Besides, if your resume is too general or generic, the company won't find your specific skills or qualities. You want to be clear and highlight the particular skill set that makes you an asset for them to acquire. Ensure your cover letter is well-written and specific to the company's current position and listing that you're applying. You might not think it's essential, but a well-written cover letter will help increase your chances of being interviewed and getting an offer.

Be prepared for questions about your qualifications and experience. And, of course, ensure you have all your relevant contact information handy so that you can answer any questions they might have.

At the close of the interview, find out when you're likely to be contacted, and should you not receive any response, it's a good idea to follow up with the interviewer after four days.

Review Your Resume for Mistakes and Clarity

Your resume should be a concise, easy-to-read document that accurately reflects your skills and experience. However, you may fail to proofread your resume—leading to several errors on your resume, such as grammar mistakes and misspelled words. It's essential to proofread your resume for these common errors to avoid making other mistakes that might get you rejected.

  1. Check your resume for mistakes such as misspelled words, incorrect dates, and fuzzy math.
  2. Correct any errors as quickly as possible to avoid losing potential job offers.
  3. When applying for jobs, use correct spelling and grammar, and avoid using buzzwords or jargon.
  4. Make sure that your contact information is current and up to date.
  5. Keep a copy of your resume—you'll lose your job applications or when you need to send them along with a new resume if you get a new position.

Follow Up Effectively

Ensure you follow up with the company after you apply. You must be sure that you're still a part of their hiring process; in doing so, you make yourself more memorable. If you don't follow up, you could be risking your chance at a job.


It isn't because you aren't good enough if you're getting ghosted. Your skills and resume may fail to match the company profile, or the company may choose not to respond to you. You can send an email introduction, ensure your resume is tailored to the company, and check your resume for grammatical errors.

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