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How to Best Communicate Your Ideas in Meetings for Maximum Impact

Communication is a vital cornerstone of any business meeting. As the CEO or team manager, you have to use the best skills to keep your employees motivated towards achieving personal and professional goals. To succeed at this job, you'll have to possess the right communicating skills so that your meetings are smooth, effective, and pleasant for everyone.

Unfortunately, a considerable number of people don't know how to communicate effectively while holding meetings. Ineffective meetings can make you and your employees feel misunderstood, unacknowledged, discouraged, and frustrated. Strong communication will make you feel heard and understood, which leads to positive company culture and a successful business. Therefore, understanding how to run effective meetings is an important part of business gatherings. Continue reading as we outline some vital communication ideas to implement in your meetings.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

When holding a meeting, communicating to your audience involves more than just the usual speech or written mode of communication. Body language also plays a significant part in the way we communicate with other people. Research shows that 55% of your communication is through body language. As a result, you need to pay close attention to your body language. Note that your audience is always keen on your body language, and they make snap judgments based on them. Therefore, before any meeting, think about how you will stand and sit. Adopt a good posture, maintain eye contact with many people in the meeting, and avoid cross body language.

Keep Unnecessary Distractions to a Minimum

Keeping distractions to a bare minimum is essential in improving the quality of your communications in meetings. Try to keep the room soundproofed or choose a location that is far away from background noise and eliminate any possible distractions such as mobile phones. In fact, one study found that up to 80% of employees know that mobile phones can be a significant distraction in meetings. However, approximately 50% of workers still use these gadgets anyway. Before starting any meeting, politely remind your audience to keep their electronic devices like laptops and phones away. This ensures that they pay attention to the messages you convey. If it's necessary to use any devices, restrict them to only those who need them.

Enhance Communication With the Best Technology

You can take advantage of technology to help you organize your thoughts and say the right things. This is primarily applicable in instances where the meeting involves participants in different locations under varying time zones. You will need a software or intelligent device that supports hybrid and remote meetings. Look for a device that provides multimedia and other visual details for clearer communication and incorporates solutions such as Zoom to communicate with remote participants more effectively.

Ask Questions to Bring Others into the Conversation

Although it might not always be possible to involve questions in a meeting, bringing your attendees into the discussion works better than listening to long speeches. However, note that some of your audience may be reluctant to volunteer or answer your questions. You can try asking intelligent questions to push them into offering specific ideas. You can ask random questions aimed at particular individuals or groups, allowing your audience to volunteer in giving answers. This keeps people engaged, and it ensures that everyone understands your message.


Good communication is crucial in ensuring that you have an effective meeting. By implementing the above ideas, you will have productive meetings that deliver the intended objective. The key thing is to pay attention to your body language and also bring attendees into the discussion.

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