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Content Marketing helps build trust, create relationships, and generate conversions.

Surprising Advice About Your Content Marketing

You've probably heard that content is king multiple times already, and you're almost getting tired of hearing it. But with consumer demand for custom content continually increasing, you must get your content in order if you want to reap the right benefit. Statistics from SEMrush show that more than 80% of companies have a content marketing strategy. Moreover, most of your site visitors only end up there after looking at some specific details they need. Therefore, you have to get your content marketing right to boost your traffic and increase conversions.

Unfortunately, even with content marketing being a critical aspect in any enterprise, research shows that only 32% of marketers consider themselves effective at it. We have come up with four critical things in content marketing that will help you improve your strategy. Keep reading for more insights.

You Need a Strategy for Content Marketing to Work

Content marketing isn't just about writing and doing more writing and waiting for the desired results. You'll have to take your time and think about what your content strategy should be before you write your first post. Also, you have to know your target audience, the message that will resonate with them, and the added value of your products or services. If you don't know who you want to attract to your site and what they expect from you, there are fewer chances of turning your traffic into conversions.

Regular Blogging Can Increase Your Traffic Up to Five Times

About 89% of marketers used blog posts as part of their content marketing strategy in 2020 to build more brand awareness. However, if you think that having a blog and updating it from time to time will deliver success in your content marketing strategy, think again. You have to be consistent in blogging to increase traffic to your website. Your audience loves to go through interesting blogs and active ones too. Post to your blog at least 16 times a month while still maintaining the highest quality in each piece for better results. Besides, this is a clever way of showing your audience that your company is active since you'll always have something to show and tell your clients.

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Content?

We can all agree that technology and the internet keep evolving at a very high rate. Also, today's audience, especially the young generation, keeps switching from one platform to another. You will find that millennials love Instagram, salespeople like LinkedIn, and we know that most of our Chamber members are active users of Facebook and/or Twitter. Therefore, you need to do in-depth research to understand your target audience to have an effective content marketing strategy. When you have the right information about your target audience, you will know the social media platform to focus on when creating content.

Contrary to what social media experts might tell you, there is a single platform that is best for your content: your blog. Google will crawl and index your content more frequently if you have a blog and use it to post your most timely content. After posting your content to your blog, post to your social sites as outposts that engage your audience and lead to better relationships. 

Content Marketing is a Daily Task

Content marketing isn't a one-time thing or something you can do once a week or a month. This is especially true when you are sharing your content on social media. You will need to constantly supervise your content, even past the usual working hours and during the weekends. This is because you don't want a negative comment attracting many eyes, especially those who haven't used your products or services. Also, keeping in mind that your site is accessible from any part of the globe, you don't know when someone will read your post.

Marketing experts say content marketing is a core factor of any good marketing strategy. By taking into account the above details, you will see significant improvements in your content marketing plan. Don't just embrace it because every marketer does it but do it right to get the right outcomes.


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