Vora Financial Holiday Parade of Lights Form

Vora Financial Holiday Parade of Lights Registration

  • DATE: Saturday, December 8, 2018 STAGING: 4:30 pm SHARP, Parade beings promptly at 6 pm LOCATION: Parade starts at Beaver St. and Elm St. ROUTE: Beaver to Aspen, Aspen to San Francisco & San Francisco to Elm Entry Deadline: November 25th or 100 entries
  • 1. Contact & Float Information

  • 2. Description of Entry:

  • Please provide a detailed description and drawing of how your entry will be decorated. Include lights, music, other sounds, and/or animals that you will have with your float. Include the number of vehicles, people in the float and what you will be passing out. You are required to have two people walking along side the float for safety.
  • 3. Dimensions & Information for Parade Entry

    Please answer every question below:
  • 4. Two Safety Monitors

    Safety is always a priority during the parade. It is MANDATORY that each parade entry provide TWO safety monitors to accompany its parade entry.
  • LIST: Name Email Phone #
  • 5. Emcee Announcement

  • This statement should be 25 words or less, exactly as you want it to be announced to the crowd. This can be anything about your business, upcoming events, important dates about your business etc. No entry is allowed to stop while announcement is made!
  • 7. Participant Waiver

    In consideration of your permitting me and my group to participate in the Vora Financial Holiday Lights Parade, presented by The Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, on Saturday, December 8, 2018, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release and discharge the Grater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, its members, volunteers, parade officials and any sponsoring body, their successors and assigns from any and all claims or cause of actions I may have for all personal injuries or property damages caused by or arising out of the Northern Lights Holiday Parade and its related activities. It is understood that I am signing on behalf of every individual who becomes a part of this entry and that the above waiver of liability applies to each individual. I have read the above and agree to the guidelines set forth by the parade officials and understand the conditions of the waiver of liability.
  • 6. Rules and Guidelines

    a. NO ENTRY IS PERMITTED TO INCLUDE A LIVE SANTA CLAUSE. The official Santa Clause is reserved for the Title Sponsor Parade Entry. b. Parade participants MUST send a representative to a MANDATORY pre-parade meeting. c. ABSOLUTELY nothing is to be thrown from the entry. This is a mandate of the Flagstaff Fire Department & the Flagstaff Chamber, due to the numerous safety factors for both participants and viewers of the parade. d. All floats for each entry MUST have a minimum of one 2A10BC-type fire extinguisher (Fire Department requirement) e. All floats are subject to inspection by the Flagstaff Fire and/or police departments. Entries deemed unsafe cannot participate. f. All animal entries MUST provide their own pooper scooper. Please keep in mind that the weather could be harsh. If you do have an animal in your entry, please make sure to include this in your application. We discourage animals in entries as roads & freezing temperatures can result in dangerous hazards for animals. g. Please have all participants dress appropriately for the cool temperatures. h. Please provide a copy of these guidelines to all parade participants. i. To provide a fantastic experience to spectators, you are required to keep moving AT ALL TIMES. Not stopping is allowed. j. Staging begins at 5 PM sharp and the parade begins promptly at 6 PM. Staging occurs in a residential area. Music and loud noises in the residential staging area are PROHIBITED! Conduct respectful of all home owners and other parade participants is mandatory. k. Only vehicles that are part of the parade entry may park in the staging area. l. All entries are limited to ONE float, flatbed OR commercial sized vehicle (that do not exceed the size or length restrictions) OR THREE standard sized vehicles. Those that exceed this limit will need to pay another entry fee. m. Portable generators/compressors used on floats should be securely mounted. A 12 inch or more clearance must separate any part of the generator/compressor from combustible fabrication material. All fumes should be exhausted away from the float. Do not attach lights near the generator. Carry extra gasoline away from the float. n. All entries and participants MUST have some form of lighting; although it isn’t required it is highly recommended! We hope for many holiday lights on all entries. o. Entry decorations MAY follow religious, holiday, or seasonal themes. p. All float material must be flame retardant q. Floats cannot be more than 13 feet high, 8 feet wide or 35 feet long. r. The use of music or appropriate noise is encouraged while proceeding in the parade; however, firecrackers, poppers, or similar devices are not permitted. s. Forms of electricity which can be used include: gas generators, individual dry cell battery packs, car batteries converted to AC, glow sticks and flash lights. t. All wiring must be properly secured (use “U” nails) to prevent mechanical damage and injury to float riders. For best visual effectiveness and impact, use lights with green wiring. Use heavy duty extension cords that will not overheat. u. Adults must accompany children on any type of trailer v. All connections must be made with U.L. approved electrical boxes or devices. w. In case of extremely inclement weather, the parade could be cancelled or rescheduled. A telephone call to the contact person listed on your parade application will be made on December 10 if extreme weather conditions prohibit moving on with the event. That person is responsible for informing all others associated with that entry. No refunds will be made. Entry is at your own risk. x. Noise in the staging areas is PROHIBITED. After a sound-check, please turn off speakers and refrain from playing instruments, music, or sound making device to respect the residents, until entering the parade area proper. y. The contact person for parade entry is responsible for letting all participants know the rules

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