Joe Pozar Jr.

2nd Vice Chair
Joy Cone

Joe Pozar Jr. is the Flagstaff plant manager at Joy Cone Co., the world’s largest ice cream cone manufacturer, baking 1.5 billion cones per year. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Joe attended Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, PA, with the intention of going into special education. However, when a Job Superintendent position was offered to him at Wesex Corp., a general contractor in West Middlesex, PA, he found it was a “better fit.” Joe’s father, who has worked for Joy Cone for more than 30 years, convinced his son to join the company in 2001. Joy Cone had just opened the Flagstaff plant a year earlier and the company indicated that they were looking for talented young men to fill leadership positions at the new plant. Joe took a low-level position in Hermitage and worked his way up. He was transferred to Flagstaff in 2003, where he became Assistant Plant Manager in 2009 and was named Plant Manager in 2010. His father, now a maintenance manager, joined him at the Flagstaff plant in 2007. Joe is a supporter of both United Way and the American Cancer Society. He and his wife, Chloe, have three children – Izabel, Mia and Joe Pozar III.