Fred Reese

Little America Hotel

Fred Reese, general manager of Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, was born and raised in Calaveras County in Northern California. He first came to Flagstaff as a student of Northern Arizona University, where he graduated with a degree in business with a focus on hotel and restaurant management. Fred’s 20 year hotel career began in Northern California, and took him to Utah and Tucson before he came back to Flagstaff to be the director of sales and marketing at Little America. About a year after coming to Flagstaff, Fred was named acting general manager of the hotel and then officially became the GM. His time as head of the hotel has been marked by substantial capital investment. Fred is currently president of the Flagstaff Lodging and Restaurant Association and on the board of the Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association. He and his wife, Elisa, have three daughters and a son.