Task Force

As Flagstaff, AZ, and its surrounding areas, move to reopen our economy, it is important that we do so safely, sustainably, and successfully. The process of reopening our community is a delicate task that must be done slowly and cautiously.  The Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce has created a task force to help outline the steps businesses and customers can take when it comes to opening and operating safely.

Flagstaff Open

Please be advised that some or all of the information provided may not apply to some businesses. These are only recommended best practices, given by local businesses, to help in developing your protocols. This is in no way an official order to any operating businesses. As COVID-19 circumstances continue to evolve, so will the recommendations and requirements.

As a result, our suggestions may not always include exact up to date information. We strongly advise that before implementing any suggested protocols, companies carefully evaluate and consult with their legal counsel. Public health guidance cannot anticipate every unique situation. Individuals should stay informed and take actions based on common sense and wise judgment that will protect health and support economic revitalization.

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