Summer Coding Camp Update- July 2017


Summer Coding Camp

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The Greater Flagstaff Chamber is a founding partner of STEM City and served as the fiduciary agent for grants and payroll for more than three years. We are now continuing our passion for STEM learning all summer long. “Sponsoring free computer programming Coding, Website Building, and Robotics Day Camps has been a huge focus of our Education Division work for the past three consecutive summers sponsored by the Helios Education Foundation and APS. Youth from Kindergarten to 12th Grade gain valuable science, technology, and math skills all the while they are fascinated by their learning environment. It makes it fun to learn!” remarked Julie Pastrick, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. Many communities take pride in their STEM focus but Flagstaff stands out among the best when it comes to summer learning and the digital opportunities that the Chamber affords local youth to explore. It’s not often that you learn robotics in summer and can apply those experiences into the broader classroom setting to excel at the next level of learning. Our goal is for Flagstaff youth to leave our Camps more self-assured that STEM learning is for them and that they are more self-confident about their STEM abilities in order to advance into the next gen leaders and employees in our community.

A Message from Coding Camp Coordinator, Mark Cox

Such a great experience working with our young, bright students. The goal of our initiative is to spark an interest in STEM and more specifically Coding. There are some amazing programs out there that teach kids how to code using an interactive game platform and from our Kinder to High School level we incorporate many skills besides understanding code and algorithms. We teach kids the meaning of persistence, team work as well as strengthening their reading, writing, math and computer literacy skills. If we have the next Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates in our classes that’s awesome but if we don’t our students take home some great skills that can be applicable in any work setting.

From our robotics course, our students learned the basics of coding then each student was given a robot to build and program to complete the challenges we had set for the week which included: obstacle avoiding course, robot soccer and team battles. Our students also came up with robot concepts and ideas as to what kind of robots they would like to build and how it would save the world. The objective of this course was for them to see another cool way Coding is used from self-driving vacuums, self-driving cars to robots doing surgery.

For the website development course, our students had to have some type of coding experience to enroll. The students learned how to build front end websites. The goal was for them to complete the building course and start on their own custom-built webpages. At the end of the week they presented to the class and parents on what they built and how they code each individual line.

From all of our courses we believe that “once students learn to Code they then Code to learn” just like when we were kids we learned to read now we read to learn. We will continue to spread the knowledge and power of Coding throughout Flagstaff and the surrounding Northern Arizona region.

Congratulations to all Coding Camp students!

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