SB1225 Disabled Service Provider Assistance

The City of Flagstaff’s recently adopted wage mandates, and subsequent mandated wage hikes on local employers have taken a toll on much more than Flagstaff’s small businesses. Beyond the price spikes and employee layoffs from private employers, social service providers, particularly those who assist the developmentally disabled, have been forced to find money to keep going – money that just does not exist. Senator Sylvia Allen has introduced an initial solution to assist developmental disabled providers in Northern Arizona in the form of Senate Bill 1225.

SB 1225 authorizes financial support in the 2019-2020 fiscal year to the tune of $1.68 M in state assistance. These one-time monies are desperately needed to keep local services going and families who need assistance in Flagstaff. Developmental disabled care providers in Flagstaff employ 600 annually, and contribute over $15M to the local Flagstaff economy. The Greater Flagstaff Chamber supports Sen. Allen’s SB 1225, and will work diligently to see its passage this legislative session.

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