Marge McPeak – Olive the Best

Olive the Best offers all of the best and healthiest olive oils and vinegars! The olive oils are cold pressed, and the olives are crushed within two hours of picking. Every batch is tested in order to meet Olive the Best’s quality standards. Olive oil has a lot of health benefits, and contains many antioxidants which doctors recommend for a healthy living. Their balsamic vinegars are all from Italy, and were aged in wooden barrels. They have a thick, rich balsamic vinegar that contains no additives or sugar and many different eccentric flavors such as pineapple, coconut, peach. Olive the Best offers samples for everything in store, which includes over 50 varieties of vinegars & olive oils. They are open from 10-6pm Monday through Saturday, and 12-5pm on Sunday. You can shop and learn more at:

Aired 11/10/2018


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