Lesson2Life Offered to Flagstaff Teachers

The Arizona K12 Center and the Flagstaff Chamber are partnering to offer local teachers Lesson2Life, a three-day workshop being held July 11-13, that allows educators to experience the Arizona workplace first-hand and bring that real life relevance to the classroom. Teachers participating in the initiative will learn to maximize their students’ chances for success while earning 18 hours of continuing education credit. 

Through Lesson2Life, teachers will observe first hand how the integration of the Arizona Workplace Skills Standards impacts job performance in actual work environments. In just a few experience-rich days, they’ll gain a unique behind-the-scenes-perspective of various industries. They will also gain insights on how to focus their instruction while creating learning opportunities to best students for a global economy that continues to evolve. Lesson2Life will emphasize businesses and industries relevant to Flagstaff, including hospitality, high tech, finance, non-profit and agriculture .

Educators and employers in Arizona share the same goal, to prepare today’s students as tomorrow’s workforce, yet they seldom have the opportunity to share their visions. Lesson2Life changes that. Lesson2Life reinforces the importance of workplace skills already being taught in schools and will inspire new ways of infusing education with real world relevance. It’s time to get down to business.

APS provides the primary funding and is a valuable supporter of this program.

Cost of the program is $40. To register, please click here.

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