Jeremy Bradley – District Manager at Waste Management

After 53 years in the community, Jeremy Bradley tells how Waste Management’s mission is to leave the planet in the right place, and leave it even better than how we found it. In order to do this Waste Management does a lot of recycling and repurposing. They recently acquired new trucks which are known as being “big, clean & green.” Most of the trucks also run on natural gasses, rather than fossil fuels. Waste Management has been doing the best it can in order to reduce, reuse and recycle. In the community last year they were able to save 377 million gallons of water, and produce 175 million kilowatt hours by recycling. They also want you to know they are looking out for the communities with their ‘Waste Watch’ program, which keeps an eye out to limit crime. To learn more you can look at their website


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