HB2523 Youth Employment Bill

Government wage mandates force younger employees out of the workplace. As governments mandate employers pay employees higher wages, employers seek to find older, more developed, skilled workers closing the entry-level wage market to students. Rep. Travis Grantham has an answer in the form of HB 2523. House Bill 2523 addresses Arizona’s youth employment challenges by re-opening the employment door for individuals 22 years of age or younger, who are full-time students and work 20 hours a week or less on a casual basis.

“It’s very exciting that our Arizona legislators recognize the labor market is often skewed towards higher-paid, more-experienced workers and as a result, job opportunities for young people are fading away from our small business family,” commented Chamber President & CEO, Julie Pastrick. “Representative Grantham’s Youth Employment bill will be a boon for Flagstaff’s young people, creating for them more
opportunities to learn key job skills in the everyday workforce,”
continued Pastrick. “We are excited for the job opportunities the Youth Employment bill will bring to Flagstaff’s students,” Pastrick finished.

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