Crucial Vaccine Links

The Coconino County COVID-19 Response Team began administering COVID-19 vaccine at the Fort Tuthill County Park vaccination site on Jan. 4. Because initial vaccine supplies are limited, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ADHS has determined that vaccine be provided to specifically defined groups in Phases. The first phase (Phase 1) has three components (a, b, c). Phase 1a is the first group of individuals vaccinated and includes healthcare personnel and long-term care facility, residents. Please see FAQs below for more details on the phased vaccine distribution. Coconino County is sending Phase 1a vaccine eligibility information and vaccination site location information directly to employers in the defined groups. During Phase 1, the Coconino County vaccination site is not open to the public.  In addition to the Coconino County COVID-19 vaccination site, vaccines will be available to Phase 1a eligible individuals at:

  • Banner Health Page Hospital
  • North Country HealthCare
  • Northern Arizona Healthcare

Priority populations within Phase 1b include education and childcare workers, law enforcement and protective services and individuals aged 75 and older. 
Vaccination opportunities will open at a later time for other populations in Phase 1b including essential workers and adults with high-risk conditions in congregate settings. 
Definitions of priority populations within Phase 1b are:
-Education and childcare workers, teachers and staff. This includes all school and higher education staff who normally interact with other staff and students, and bus drivers, cafeteria workers, facilities staff etc.   
-Law enforcement and protective services (corrections and other emergency response staff).
-Individuals aged 75 and older.

Proof of eligibility within the Phase 1a and Phase 1b priority groups is required. Those seeking vaccination are asked to bring proof of occupation such as a paystub, employment badge, a letter from an employer or a driver’s license or ID displaying date of birth. Those without proper eligibility identification may be turned away. The Fort Tuthill vaccination site is currently open to the defined eligible groups and is not opened to the general public.

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