Final Draft of the New City Zoning Code Now On Line

Over the past few weeks (City) staff has worked to incorporate all of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendations and the amendments approved by the City Council into a Final Draft of the new Zoning Code. This work is now complete, and the Final Draft is available for review on the Zoning Code webpage – The draft is organized by chapter to make it easier to review and download.

Please note though that the final editing of this draft has not been completed, and work on correcting formatting, page numbering, grammar, etc. is ongoing. An independent editor will be reviewing the document to ensure that in its final form all clerical errors have been corrected, and this work will be completed by the end of August. This version of the draft has been released so that interested residents would have an opportunity to review the content of the Final Draft despite some editing issues well in advance of the City Council’s meetings in September and October when it is anticipated that the final Zoning Code will be adopted.

The proposed schedule for adoption of the new Zoning Code is as follows (note this schedule may be subject to change):

 August 4th      Release of Zoning Code Final Draft (some editing ongoing)

  September 2nd      Publication of final Zoning Code

September 20th     City Council adoption of a resolution declaring the final Zoning Code as a public record

October 4th    First reading of the ordinance to adopt the new Zoning Code

October 18th    Second reading of the adopting ordinance/adoption of the new Zoning Code.

November 21st     Effective date

 To those of you who represent community or business organizations, please forward this on to your members so that they can also be informed of this opportunity to review the City of Flagstaff’s new Zoning Code.

 If you have any questions on the new Zoning Code or require any additional information, please contact Roger Eastman at the phone numbers or e-mail address provided below.

Roger E. Eastman, AICP

Zoning Code Administrator

Planning and Development Services Section

City of Flagstaff

211 West Aspen Avenue

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

P 928-213-2640

C 928-853-5187

F 928-779-7684

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