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Do Good, Be Good Launches Season Three of Podcast

FLAGSTAFF, AZ, July 26, 2018 – With the theme of “meaningful work”, the third season of Do Good, Be Good will feature stories of career choices and the quest for meaningful work. As an organizational development consultant, Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom has always been fascinated by how people pursue a sense of purpose with their work and the challenges they face in doing so. With this weekly podcast, Sharon explores that topic with guests from a wide range of backgrounds.

There is Dan Maurer, the founder of Elevate Nepal, who shares the challenges of trying to help Nepalese citizens recover from a devastating earthquake. His project started with hands-on work rebuilding homes and schools and has extended into importing coffee to Arizona to support the sustainable farming industry in Nepal. Or Rebekah Kaufman, who left a prestigious role as a partner in a law firm in the Bay area to open up a Barre3 fitness studio in Flagstaff. Or Kenny Greene, who took his experience as a non-destructive testing engineer and leveraged it to launch a trade school, War2In, for veterans transitioning out of the military.
For the first time this season, Sharon will also be interviewing guests from outside of Flagstaff. The season will feature Jess Pettitt, a professional speaker, stand-up comic, and author of Good Enough Now. Jess uses humor to discuss serious topics of diversity and self-forgiveness. We also hear from Chris Hannemann, an engineer with Type One diabetes who is part of a team working on an open-source artificial pancreas.
Season Three launches August 8, 2018 and will run for ten weeks with a new twenty-minute episode launching every Wednesday. Listen to the show at, or on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Music or your podcast purveyor of choice.

Contact Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom to request to be a guest on the show at

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