Dianna Sanchez – Executive Director at The Literacy Center

The Literacy Center is working hard in order to help adults find jobs, get an American citizenship, GDE, or learn English. They offer an array of different programs and classes, and are open from Tuesday – Thursday from 11am-7pm. They also take walk-ins for tutoring from 3-7pm on Tuesday-Thursday and appointments on Monday and Friday. The Literacy Center is 100% privately funded, which helps them adjust the programs to fit the learners. As a partner with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, as they teach classes to male inmates in the jail through their  Partnership for Literacy Rehabilitation, PLR. The Literacy Center has three employees, and a wonderful 160 volunteers for which they are very thankful. The Literacy Center is always taking new learners, volunteers and donations which can be transacted at their website, thinkliteracy.com.


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