Developmentally Disabled Emergency Funding Stalls in State House

By Joe Galli

The Arizona House of Representatives will hopefully soon take up Senator Sylvia Allen’s bill, SB 1225, which passed the Arizona Senate 24 – 6 with bipartisan support in February. The emergency funding bill has stalled in the state house because members of the state house see the funding as a bailout for Flagstaff disabled provider non-profits, due to the City of Flagstaff’s wage mandates.

Senior Advisor for Public Policy, Joe Galli, spoke directly with Representative Bob Thorpe about the situation in recent weeks. “Representative Thorpe is doing everything he can to get that emergency funding to our non-profit providers,” Galli stated. “Unfortunately, not everyone understands the funding predicament our local community non-profits face, as many of them have moved, and many more are looking at uprooting their services out of town,” Galli continued.

Senator Allen’s bi-partisan supported funding bill has stalled in the Arizona House because some state representatives believe the City of Flagstaff should have a financial burden to bear, as well, and that taxpayers in other parts of the state, should not be bailing out City of Flagstaff’s non-profits for bad policy adopted by City of Flagstaff voters (wage mandates).

Representative Thorpe is working on a way for the City of Flagstaff to be financially accountable to the community’s
non-profits to help alleviate the need for state emergency funding.

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