Daniel ‘Paco’ Vigil – Tech by Paco

Daniel Paco Vigil is the owner of Tech by Paco and has been working in his field for 25 years. Paco acknowledges how technology is a huge part of our everyday lives, which is why it should be reliable. Everyone should be worried about security and making sure that the servers do not have anything funky, such as frequent pop-ups or slow connection. Tech by Paco wants to educate people on internet safety, which is why he offers training to those who are not comfortable with their technology. Paco suggests not visiting websites that are ran by ads, or are not recognizable. Businesses need to be aware of spam that is fishing for information, they can get this if you click on these ads or emails. Tech by Paco also stresses the importance of having your computer checked on and updated to avoid any of these problems. You can reach Paco for any of his services on his website, techbypaco.com.

Aired 1/19/19



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