City of Flagstaff Sign Code Revised

City of Flagstaff Sign Code RevisedThere is a new and improved Sign Code in the City of Flagstaff. City Council voted unanimously to improve, clarify and simplify the standards while maintaining our city’s unique character and positive community image. The new code will go into effect January 18, 2015. The Chamber has been very involved in this process and commends staff and Council for their hard work in making this happen. We believe this is a win for our many small business members as the previous regulations were too complicated and inconsistent.
Changes include:

  • Elimination of unnecessary fees
  • Repeal of the prohibition on signs being placed on a building that face the interstate
  • An incentive to replace old, non-conforming free stand¬ing signs
  • No fees or permits needed for sticker/decal signs on windows
  • Streamlining the system needed for temporary signs
  • Allowing businesses the discretion of where best to place signs on their buildings
  • New fee schedule with a sliding scale based on area and complexity versus a flat fee
  • Requires repairing and or painting a wall after a sign is removed
  • Permit no longer needed to reface an existing sign if the size stays the same
  • Temporary stanchion signs will be permitted in the Downtown Historic District

Councilman Jeff Oravits stated,” I am thrilled to announce that the amended sign code passed unanimously with only one minor last minute clarifying amendment! This represents two and a half years of work and is a win for Flagstaff’s small businesses and shows that common sense can prevail. Amending the sign code has been an issue I have been pushing since getting on the Council two and a half years ago. ”

Vice Mayor Celia Barotz was also happy with the outcome stating, “I am very pleased that the council accepted my argument … that allowing for bigger permanent building mounted and freestanding signs for all uses, including commercial, across the city was too broad of a solution for the problem the small businesses and the city were having with temporary signs in multi-tenant shopping centers.… Council unanimously made a very big change at the end of the process, which was the right thing to do.”

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