Chamber Board Lobbies on Redistricting

After several months of research on existing state legislative districts, the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors decided to take a general approach to redistricting advocacy. “Competitiveness” and “communities of interest” are two of the more valued constitutional requirements the IRC must take into account when drawing new lines, and will be the key focus of the Chamber’s advocacy on new state legislative districts in the Flagstaff region.

The Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce is the key voice for business in northern Arizona and has had success lobbying for significant legislative initiatives with legislative leaders over the last six years, including helping get a “Jobs Package” through the Legislature in Special Session this past February.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have had close ties with our leaders in District One over the last few years, including former State Senate President, Ken Bennett, Majority Whip, Senator Steve Pierce and now Speaker of the House, Andy Tobin,” said Chamber President/CEO Julie Pastrick.

The Constitutional requirement of reapportionment and redistricting happens every ten years and is based on census data from the national census. The results will include new state and congressional district lines used during the 2012 election cycle.

To see the Chamber Board of Directors letter to the Independent Redistricting Commission, please click here, and to voice your opinion on Arizona redistricting, go to the IRC website,

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