Buy•Dine•Stay in Flagstaff

When you shop, think local first and remember to “Buy•Dine•Stay in Flagstaff.”

You should Buy•Dine•Stay in Flagstaff because:

  • It Saves and Creates Jobs. Keep your neighbors working – when you support Flagstaff businesses, those businesses keep or hire more employees.
  • You Recycle Your Dollar. When you buy in Flagstaff, your money is recycled an estimated seven times. The local business you purchase from spends money at other local companies and their employees purchase good and services here.
  • Local Businesses Invest More in Our Community. When you Buy•Dine•Stay in Flagstaff, those stores, service firms, restaurants and hotels fund our city’s charities, schools and community events.
  • You’ll Save $$$. Avoid travel costs or shipping charges by buying it in Flagstaff!
  • Flagstaff Businesses Value You More. Our local businesses survive by their reputation and repeat business, meaning you get a higher standard of service.
  • It Contributes to the Retail Sales Tax Rate. That 1% you pay in city taxes funds everything from police and fire protection to the maintenance of our streets and roads.
  • It’s Environmentally Sustainable. Don’t drive to another town or have your items shipped to you – buy from a Flagstaff business and reduce your environmental impact.

To get your copy of the Buy•Dine•Stay in Flagstaff logo, please click here.

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