April Magazine Piece

The Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce advocates for business at all levels of government. As an independent non-profit we represent a pro business voice that supports a reasonable competitive environment that provides opportunity for prosperity.
We are closely following and advocating in favor of numerous bills at the state legislature as outlined in our Legislative Agenda. Here is a partial list of bills that we are tracking for review that are either moving through the process, passed or signed into law by the Governor.

  • SB 1525 – Restoration of $30 million to JTED/CAVIAT (Chamber priority) – Governor Ducey signed into law
  • SB 1428 – Public Safety Personnel Retirement System changes ensure solvency – Passed will be included in the May 17th Special Election
  • SB 2033 – Prohibits pick up & delivery of early ballots – Governor signed into law
  • SB 1323 – Workers Compensation vexatious litigant prohibition – Governor signed into law
  • SB 1524 – Prohibits municipalities from taking action that increases regulatory burdens unless authorized by statute – Passed and transmitted to the Governor
  • SB 1114 – Appropriates $10 million the Dept. of Veterans Services for distribution to Flagstaff for construction of a veterans’ home (Chamber priority) – To be included in the Budget
  • HB2666 – Governor’s Economic Opportunity Office; Consolidation.
  • HB 2613 – Eliminates state licensing for a variety of professions when those individuals possess valid certificates or qualifications in the field
  • HB2130 & 2131 – Prevents cities from mandating so called energy audits and banning of plastic bags – Governor signed into law
  • HB 2333 – Exempts contractors from needing an architectural stamp when making design improvements on nonbearing, nonshear walls to create room separations
  • SB 1487 – Directs the Attorney General to investigate alleged violations of the AZ Constitution or state by a governing body of a county or municipality & if not corrected state shared monies will be withheld & redistributed to other counties – Governor signed into law
  • SB 1241 – Prohibits photo radar on State Highways – Governor signed into law
  • HCR 2014 – Statutorily raises the minimum wage and preempts political subdivisions from adopting their own, subject to voter approval

Please feel free to contact us if you should have questions or concerns about these or other bills currently being considered at the Capitol.
Access to education and attainment are a point of focus for our Chamber which supports the creation of a labor ready talent pool for local employers and a strong university system is essential to that end. Education is critical for a robust and vibrant business environment and key to a strong economy. We are therefore supportive of the Arizona Board of Regents’ strategic plan and proposed 50-50 resident student funding model and are working with our legislators and Governor to move towards the university presidents’ $32 million request to fund higher education.
The Chamber is in support of Prop 123 in the May 17th special election. This sustainable funding model will provide $3.5 billion in additional K-12 funding over 10 years without raising taxes by changing the distribution percentage from the State Land Trust. This investment in education is critical to the future of Arizona.

This is an important election year and the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce will certainly play a role in our local elections. Part of the mission of the Chamber is to serve as an advocate for business before government to affect good public policy that will help keep our local economy strong. BizPAC is the political action committee of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce and is funded by separate funds other than membership dues. It is designed to be instrumental in electing effective, business-minded candidates in Flagstaff. BizPAC is administered through a committee and the Board of Directors of the Chamber.
The endorsement process for Mayor and City Council in Flagstaff will be rigorous. A task force of BizPAC will evaluate the candidates based upon a candidate questionnaire, prior voting history if applicable, public statements, community forums, demonstrated community leadership and the willingness to foster an attractive business environment through sound tax and regulatory policies. We endorse in a non partisan manner and past endorsements do not guarantee future support.
It is important to be part of the election process and make your vote count. You can register to vote very easily online at www.servicearizona.com/voterregistration .

Important Upcoming Dates

April 18, 2016 Last day to register for the Special Election

April 20, 2016 Early Voting begins for Special Election

May 17, 2016 Special Election

August 1, 2016 Voter registration deadline for Primary Election

August 30, 2016 Primary Election

October 10, 2016 Voter registration for General Election

October 12, 2016 Early Voting begins for General Election

November 8, 2016 General Election

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