Andrea & Matt Behmer- Behmer Roofing

Behmer Roofing has been in Flagstaff since 2003, but has been a family business since the early 1940’s. Their business stands out from others because of the hard work and pride they put into their brand. Behmer Roofing recommends having yearly checkups on roofs to extend the value of not only the roof, but also your home. Both Matt and his wife, Andrea (a flagstaff native), cherish our community so much that they want to give back this year with their first inaugural charity event. Flagstaff Roof Rescue is giving away a roof to someone who needs it, but cannot afford it. Entries can be submitted through an online application, which will then be vetted through a chamber members committee. To learn more about Behmer Roofing, you can reach them at their website
Aired 1/12/19

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