Alison Rucker – Axia Home Loans

Alison Rucker, from Axia Home Loans, has a mission to create sustainable homeownership. After the housing market took a dive ten years ago, Axia Home Loans came along. Their goal is for everyone to own a home, and to be educated in everything that comes with that. Axia Home Loans can help counsel you about purchasing a home, and come up with a plan of action. Alison encourages people to come in to their office to get any advice face to face. Axia Home Loans knows how important preapproval is, and have realtor partners that will not let you look at a home before you get this to prevent heartbreak. Alison knows how big the stakes are since she is an owner of this company, which is why she wants her client’s houses to last. For more information, you can visit their website at

Aired 1/19/19

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