2019 Arizona State Legislative Session

We Support Arizona’s Drought Contingency Plan!

  • HB2545 – Amendments; Colorado River drought contingency
  • HJR2002 – Colorado River drought contingency plan
  • HB2523 – Youth Employment Act

Encourages youth employment by allowing employers to hire full-time students, 22 years of age or younger, working 20 hours a week or less at federal minium wage or higher

Provides additional one-time funding in 2019/2020 FY for northern Arizona social service providers


BizPAC – an independent, pro-business political action committee In 2005, the Greater Flagstaff Chamber formed BizPAC, an independent, pro-business political action committee designed to raise and spend money on behalf of candidates and propositions at the local level that affect the business community. BizPAC remains active today and has participated in raising funds to support candidates in the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections as well as take positions on various ordinances.

Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Business Advocacy Division

BizPAC - Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Business Advocacy DivisionBizPAC accepts funds from pro-business individuals. BizPAC’s funds are raised and spent independent of Chamber member dues and spent in accordance with the Chamber’s mission to promote business. BizPAC is supported by a volunteer finance committee comprised of local business leaders who agree to organize and host events that raise funds for the PAC.

Additionally, BizPAC members can participate in candidate endorsement recommendations to the Chamber’s Board of Directors and in candidate recruitment activities at all level’s of government.


Let your voice be heard

To find out how you can help influence and finance political action for business interests in our community contact the Greater Flagstaff Chamber and ask to join BizPAC. Your financial support goes a long way towards electing pro-business candidates at all levels of government. The Flagstaff business community should be represented by those elected officials with the best interests of business in mind and are willing to help us achieve our agenda.

To host a BizPAC event contact the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce at We appreciate your support for pro-business candidates. Electing pro-business candidates furthers our interests in government.

The Chamber has a Radio Ad – Click here to Hear Misty Warner, Owner of Warner’s Nursery