Flagstaff Internship Opportunities

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Flagstaff Internship Opportunities

FlagstaffInternship.com is an effort by the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce to offer high-quality, comprehensive internships to high schools students. The effort is a partnership between Chamber members, the Coconino County Career Center and local schools to improve workforce development in Flagstaff by giving students a real-life working experience in a local business.

“Being a part of this internship program has helped change my life. It not only provided me with a job, but it also provided me with experience. This experience has set me apart from peers for school applications, scholarships, and other jobs. I am very thankful for this opportunity!”
– Jose Rodriguez

Under the initiative, the Chamber facilitates internships by soliciting students and providing a list of candidates for businesses to review. The businesses interview the candidates and select students they feel are qualified.

Wages and worker compensation insurance for interns MAY be paid through a grant from the Coconino County Career Center. The Career Center will review student candidates to determine if they qualify for grants to cover these items. Otherwise, students may opt to engage in an internship without compensation or the business may pay minimum wage. Workers comp, however, would have to be provided by the business whether the student is paid or not.

Interested businesses can download a request for participation here.

Students interested in participating in internships can apply here